Church Online  Mastermind

Make Church Online Work With Your Church Goals

Looking to start a Church Online? Grow your existing Church Online?

Join FOUR church online experts for a 12-week digital mastermind where you’ll:

  • Learn multiple models for Church Online
  • Leverage technology without feeling overwhelmed
  • Modify your message for a digital audience
  • Build community designed to support your church values
  • Create engagement all week long
  • Find a small group model that focuses on discipleship
  • Grow your volunteer teams to lead, prayer for, and disciple visitors and members
  • Know when it’s time to reboot your Church Online
  • Learn from a weekly hot seat where your church works through challenges and solutions with the group
  • Private forum for ad-hoc support and peer-to-peer collaboration


12 weeks. 4 experts.

Lifetime relationships.

Meet weekly with a cohort of church online practitioners to learn and collaborate with others. Rotating weekly hotseat designed to help one church identify their next steps.  Continue the conversation in our VIP Facebook group.


Church Online for Your Church

Kenny Jahng, Jason Morris, Jennifer Miles, Dave Adamson

How does your church mission and community influence your Church Online? Get to know your guides for the next 12 weeks.


3D Models for Church Online

Kenny Jahng

Church Online isn’t binary - your choice are more than: do or not do. There are several models that have emerged from which you can follow or be inspired. This session will walk through some different ways to approach Church Online so you can decide on your own.


Tech Alternatives for Church Online

Jason Morris

There are multiple technologies today for implementing Church Online. Learn which ones support your goals and how to get started with them.


Digital Communication: Community > Culture

Jennifer Miles

Build a framework for how digital communication influences your communication and culture. Understand how the rise of multimodality impacts the medium and the message you share.  


Engaging Viewers Beyond the Service

Dave Adamson

It takes more than a worship service to build disciples. Learn how to connect and disciple beyond Sunday using social media and YouTube.


Building Community through Groups

Jason Morris

Develop a small group strategy that works with Church Online. Online, offline, blur the line. Find what works for you.


The Future of Church Online

Jason Morris, Kenny Jahng, Jennifer Miles, Dave Adamson, Guest Panelists

Hotseat with some of the individuals pushing the boundaries for Church Online today from VR Church to Roblox to …

Investing for Kingdom Impact

This is a radically practical experience for any ministry that wants to reach more people using the online tools God has given us.

When you join this mastermind group, you’ll be joining a peer group of like-minded, forward-thinking church leaders who want to take advantage of the web, video stream technology, social/digital tools, and the ability to connect with people literally across the street and across the globe at the same time.

The aim is to equip you with strategic vantage points that cover each stage of launching and growing Church Online for your church.

The cost of the program is $997.

This covers the 12-week program. And includes seven live video sessions, five hot seat + Q&A sessions, access to the private peer-to-peer Facebook group, and an on-demand library of session recordings.

*One-time investment


Private VIP Facebook Group

Learning doesn’t stop at the of the bi-weekly online sessions. You’ll be invited to join our private FB Group where you can continue the peer-to-peer interaction. We’re also scheduling some additional resources and surprises to share with the cohort inside this private forum. 

Recorded Sessions

In case you can’t make it to a meeting, no worries! Sometimes, you’ll want to reference a conversation thread you recall from a couple of sessions ago because it makes sense now. We got you covered. We’re planning on recording all sessions. They’ll be uploaded for on-demand playback in the private forum.

Peer-to-Peer Relationships

Our experience has been that the most valuable parts of mastermind experiences has NOT been the scheduled content, but rather the peer-to-peer relationships where you have someone else to call, someone else to bounce ideas off of, someone else to hold you accountable in your plans for the future.


Live Q&A sessions.

You’ll have a chance to submit your questions so that our leaders can share their responses and answers. Again these recorded resources will be added to the private FB Group for your review.

Who could your Church Online reach? 

The next Church Online cohort starts January 20th.








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